Are kegs only for beer?

Kegs are for carrying more than just beer. In fact, kegs are the perfect vessels for any craft beverage, particularly those produced in high volumes. Kegs can preserve beverage quality, keeping both the taste and freshness optimum, in storage and transit. And it’s now becoming a popular packaging choice beyond the beer sector.

Kegging, the action of putting liquid into a keg, is now being accepted as an appropriate method of packaging for cider, mead, hard soda, cold-brewed and nitro-brewed coffee. Some companies are even kegging draft cocktails. Simply put, if you can craft it, you can keg it.

If you’re a crafter who’s new to kegging, our top tip is to invest in top-quality kegs. In our experience, crafters have found that leasing kegs is a great option too, because it leaves more available funds for capital improvements and expansions.

One distinct advantage to leasing through Hillebrand’s KegFleet, is that we include our KegID program. It uses real-time data alongside your business processes, to see how well your craft beverages are doing out in the market. You can easily gauge what is popular and what is not, and from this data you can make well-informed business decisions.

KegFleet Benefits

  • Custom screen-printed branding
  • Unique laser-etched codes for scanning/tracking
  • Lease-to-own option



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