Advanced flexitank technology for ultimate product quality

Designed for your product

Engineered to protect your product's quality and value during transport.  We design flexitanks in-house to manage temperature control, sterilization for aseptic filling, agitation for high-density products, ventilation, industry-leading heating technology, among others.

Safe-guard product quality

We listen to customer needs and translate their challenges into bulk liquid shipping solutions. Every commodity we carry is researched to create flexitanks tailor-made to the intricacies of each product and guarantee its protection.

Recover every drop

We believe you should receive the entire product you've paid for. Minimize waste and maintain quality with our proprietary unloading system. We will happily drain your flexitank into an IBC or drum so you can bottle every drop. 

Global technical support

Going beyond end-to-end logistics management is our team of technical responders.  Offering on-site support, anywhere in the world, when you need it.

Store liquids with confidence

Using a Hillebrand flexitank inside a dry container creates a flexible, temporary or permanent bulk liquid container storage solution. Managed on-site or off-site, it ensures quality and safety measures against the elements.

Reduce waste

Let’s recover, reuse and recycle the equipment used in bulk shipping.  Learn more about recycling your flexitank and helping us to re-use bulkheads.

Over 25,000 companies, big and small, trust Hillebrand with their products and supply chain
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