Flexitank recycling and recovery contributing to a sustainable world

Reduce the carbon footprint of your global bulk shipping

It's easy with Hillebrand- once you've discharged your flexitank, let us know. We'll collect your steel bulkheads so they can be refurbished and reused. Our goal is to make bulk shipping simple and sustainable for everyone.

Let's reduce waste together

Hillebrand is ready to collect flexitanks after discharge. Our flexitanks are 100% recyclable and we're actively recycling them across the globe and are restless in our efforts to recovering 100% of the equipment we produce. 

Recover every drop

We believe you should receive the entire product you've paid for. Minimize waste and maintain quality with our proprietary unloading system. We will happily drain your flexitank into an IBC or drum so you can bottle every drop. 

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