Temperature controlled high security warehousing globally

Safe with us

When you choose us for warehousing and international transport, your wines are in safe hands. Hillebrand warehouses are equipped with 24/7 security systems and temperature-controlled areas to handle with care and safety your orders for wine boxes and pallets.

Added value and high security

Sometimes when you introduce 'postponement' in your supply chain there is a need to rework your products. Whether a product needs relabelling, repacking or reformatting – we have it covered. Our ability to manage warehousing logistics internationally allows us to accomplish all of this, thanks to our transport and distribution service technology.

Temperature controlled long term storage

When you need long-term storage, inquire about our warehouse services around the world. You can store your valuable wines in temperature-controlled facilities with the highest level of security for as long as you need. We'll check the bottles, store them with care, update your inventory levels and when you're ready, we'll deliver them. 

The fact that they are specifically built to look after beverage logistics gives me a great deal of confidence in their handling of our products.  In general, the standard of assistance and care we get from them is second to none.

Clive Weston Negociants, New Zealand
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