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Tasks to guide your next steps

Not knowing the next steps to take create bottle necks in your processes. Tasks help to guide you through your stages regarding your shipment. Tasks also assist in prompting for data that is needed to ensure on time delivery and helps to skip out on unnecessary calls and emails.

Stop searching, we keep all your documents in one place

Sending and receiving documents can get lost in transit. In myHillebrand you'll have easy access to the documents made available by your distributor. We keep all documents related to a single shipment in one place. They can be downloaded, viewed and shared. No more emailing back and forth. Huge time saver.

Get notified on important milestones and events

Finding communicating with customers a challenge? Here you can upload export documentation like commercial invoices, certificates or customs documents in one go. As your customers, the wine importers are connected to myHillebrand as well, you automatically provide them with updates and access to the same information.


A customer experience you’ll love

Ready to start using it yourself? Sign up for your myHillebrand account today and get global visibility on your quotes, shipments, invoices and inventory.

Spend time on your wine making instead of your bills

Rather than looking for the last emailed statement, myHillebrand provides you with an organised and up-to-date overview of all freight invoices paid and outstanding. Try out our online payment solution and check if it can also be a time saver for you. 

Never lose sight of your shipments

Finding it difficult to see what's going on with orders? We provide you with an overview of all your purchase orders trusted to us by your customers. Online confirmation of the order, shipping details and pick-up location is easy, as we have prefilled the order with the information known to us. 

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“Hillebrand is our ‘go to’ forwarder for special projects and new opportunities that arise, in addition to handling a large portion of our ocean shipments on a regular basis.  They are a reliable source for information and always available and eager to take on tasks.  The myHillebrand portal is an invaluable tool that my team and I use constantly for tracking, monitoring, and planning of future shipments.  Hillebrand does set the standards for freight in the beverage industry and have always proven to be dependable.”

Tarin Rouhi Skurnik Wines & Spirits - USA
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